Weight Reduction Program

Weight Reduction Program

bigstock_Healthy_Life_1183399Weight Reduction happens
naturally during any detoxification program.  However client is in
need of reduction of body fat, or weight I will like to
incorporate HCG remedy along
with detox remedies and dietary regime finish
up the Detox program.

If particular individual requests weight loss program, I will like to prepare that individual by lowering body toxic level first, then utilize HCG along with dietary guide.
This way client’s obtain healthier body with ideal weight long lasting.  Of course ideally, it is always good to follow up with maintenance program to
improve overall health such as metabolism, circulation, digestion etc…

Most of programs I create for clients vary based on person.  I mostly use Lecher
tool to narrow down each individual needs.

If you want to learn more about our program and Ha2CG click here.

How do we do this?
  • Detoxify the body prior to Ha2cg and post program.
  • Support system with supplements and drainage remedies.
  • Weekly consultations and guidance from beginning, also thru the maintenance.
  • Provide all the necessary therapies and services including emotional, physical, mental adjustment.  Also spiritual support.
  • The Ha2CG supplement includes products that will: – Reset the Hypothalamus Gland – Help Detox and Drainage Support – Glucose Management – Give Metabolism Support – Appetite Control and
    Cravings – Immune Support and Viral Load Suppression – Trauma and Stress Management

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