Color Therapy



Color Therapy

Color light therapy we offer in our center was designed by John of God who is very well known healer to many.  It emanates quite strong frequencies towards psychic centers of the body, seven rainbow colors through Vogel crystals.

Each client testifies very unique individual experiences based on the receptivity and   openness, mostly very positive.  Personally I experience clearing any distorted vibration, bringing the energetic body of mine to peace, especially at the end of stressful day.

In our office, we can combine Crystal color therapy with sound therapy.  Client simply lay on the very comfortable zero gravity sound chair, and about a foot
above Vogel crystal lights are suspended emanating rainbow colors towards
each psychic centers of clients body.  Client can have just color therapy or
sound therapy or both combined.

This very relaxing session opens, cleanses and balances your etheric field,
raising the   frequency of your energetic subtle bodies.  John of God himself
said that this enable a team of spiritual surgeons to perform deep healing work
on all levels of your body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I personally feel session of the crystal lights clears and bring balance on electromagnetic fields of the body to Harmonics.  Many people have reported transformational experiences, spiritual direction, emotional clearing, deep relaxation,   physical healing with much more energy.

It is recommended to wear white or light colored clothing during session.

For more information or to book a retreat please call us at 928-649-0779 or
or 877-990-9355