Weight Loss Retreats

Weight Loss Retreat

Our one week Weight Loss Retreat consists of 2 days of travel and 5 days
of wonderful sessions.

The following sample itinerary includes the session options you can expect to
find in our basic weight loss program. Changes will be made based upon your physical and emotional condition, as well as your own unique needs. If you find
it beneficial during your retreat to receive various body work, we have all the
options of body work.

This is a by far the best weight loss retreat you can ever imagine. You will have
initial life review consultation by Dr. Mark Laursen who specializes in weight loss programs. Then you will have the support of other practitioners to address
emotional issues affecting your weight.

Day 1 (Sunday)

Arrive: Settle in to your lodging accommodations. ( Make sure you inquire about
our retreat lodging.) You will want to relax and let go of your day of traveling so
that you can get a good night sleep. Depending on your weight loss program,
you may have
an orientation at the office.

Day 2 (Monday)

Consultation: You will have a one hour consultation with Mark Laursen, MD.
Dr. Laursen is the creator of the Golden Weight Loss Program. During the initial consultation you will determine your weight loss program to follow for your week
of retreat, as well as what program to follow when you get home. Dr. Laursen
will qualify you for your program. If you decide to follow his program, he can
provide you with 19 different plus nutrients (at an additional cost). However, you
will more likely receive following therapies, which will be very helpful for your
transformational week. As you know following program is an example, you will
be able to alter as it goes. After the initial consultation, you may be interested in requesting a life review consultation from Dr. Laursen to address deeper
causes of weight or health issues.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Powerplate Exercise: This is a whole body vibrational exercise. Exercise is
not necessarily everyone’s favorite thing to do. In this powerplate exercise, you
simply stand on the plate and push the button. There will be a trainer to assist
you with different positions which will help to tone different parts of the body. Powerplate exercise helps to increase circulation, oxygenating the body’s blood
flow, which leads to the elimination of toxins and reduces cellulite. The 10
minutes of easy exercise will tone you more than a few hours of weight lifting.

Colon Therapy, Massage or Myofascial Release Work: You have your
choice of receiving a colonic, massage or a myofascial release therapy – it is
entirely up to you. We offer various massages to choose from as you feel
appropriate for your needs or if you like deeper work, we also recommend
Myofascial Release Therapy. Myofascial is the combination of muscular and
fascial tissue.  Fascia is also known as connective tissue, which binds the
entire body together, supporting organs, bones and muscles, creating the right amount of tension in the body so that we are aligned in a erect posture. When
the connective tissue tightens down it pulls the bones, blood vessels and nerves
into a restrictive and cramped environment. By receiving this treatment, a feeling
of openness and relaxation occurs which assists the body to return to a state
where it can heal itself. The result is a reduction of pain, increase in range of
motion and the feeling of well being.

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Therapy: One session of this is included
in your package. This session can be utilized to further regain your physical
health, to manifest what you desire in your career and relationships, to remove phobias and to clear false and limiting beliefs. Your facilitator will assist you in
clearing the limiting unconscious “false beliefs” that were formulated after
emotions got stuck in your body following trauma, disappointments and/or
parental conditioning. You will be free to create your life in a new way, rather
than manifesting more of the same old stuff.

This therapy will address your food habits vs emotion, a deeper layer of core
causes of weight gain, and self acceptance. If you think this session is helping
you, then you are welcome to book more NET sessions.

For this session, you also have the choice to receive Acupuncture, Color
or a Chiropractic Adjustment, whichever helps you the most, in
place of the NET. Or our therapist may combine other options that might serve
you best in a different way.

BioMat and followed by an Ionic Foot Bath: Here you will enjoy about 30
minutes on a BioMat. One of the many benefits of laying on a BioMat includes receiving the BioMat’s far infrared waves. These raise body temperature,
warming the blood and expanding the blood vessels, which increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation stimulates the sweat glands, releasing
built-up toxins and waste. It also carries off metabolic waste products and
delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles. The BioMat will be
perfect to help integrate and process the Emotional Release Therapy. And the
Foot Bath will help draw out more toxins that your body might need to release.
If you prefer Colon Therapy, you may replace this session with a colonic.

Day 5 (Thursday)

Hypnotherapy: Three sessions of Hypnotherapy are highly recommended for
weight management. We include one session for you to experience in the
weekly fee. If this session is what you resonate with, you may book more
sessions while you are in the retreat. This session will give you a chance to
visit your subconscious structure and discover what started you to gain weight.
You may also be interested in breath work by Susan as an extra session. This
two hour plus of holotropic breath session, you will be guided to breath in a
gentle connected rhythm while listening to music. You will enter into deeper
levels of consciousness where you will be able to access the information that
you need most for your spiritual upliftment and education. Upon waking to full consciousness, you will talk with your facilitator who will help you to integrate
what you have learned. After your first experience of Holotropic Breath Work,
you might be interested in receiving extra sessions to maximize your special
retreat week.

Powerplate Exercise: Follow up session. You will have an opportunity to learn
more about the exercise, perhaps so you can continue it when you go home.

Day 6 (Friday)

Colon Therapy, Massage or Myofascial Release Work: Once again you
have your choice of receiving a colonic, massage or a myofascial release
therapy- it is entirely up to you.

Day 7 (Saturday)

Departure: We suggest to stay at least a month in our retreat lodge for optimal results. After a week, we will know what will really help the patient. Then we can customize your schedule for a longer stay.

Total Fee (as outlined in this itinerary): $1,700

All additional herbal products and services, lodging and transportation are not included in this price. If, during your initial consultation, we alter the program
based upon your needs, abilities and readiness (such as including more
ayurvedic therapies), the quoted price will change accordingly. Pricing ultimately depends on the products and services you request and are in agreement with receiving.