Michi Nadler

Michi Nadler

Certified Colon Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner Chintamani Therapeutics, LLC

Michi Nadler

Michi was born on December
11, 1954, in the Republic of
South Korea. She  was the
baby girl of her family. Upon completion of her high school studies, she immigrated to the USA. Once in the States, she joined the US Air Force, where
she served four years
and obtained her US citizenship.

At about the age of 20, she began to develop a keen interest and passion for
intestinal health and detoxification through cleansing programs. Throughout her career as an ambitious, hard working realtor and financial consultant, she
always helped guide many people through intestinal purification and healthy life
style changes.

In the Year of 1990, she moved to Sedona, Arizona, where she went thru
intense energetic transformational experiences lasting about 10 years. This
spiritual energy guided her to pilgrim to Israel and India. A few of the teachers
who helped her to integrate spiritual experiences are Papaji, Robert Adams,
Thakar Singh.

While she was in India, she was introduced to and learned about Ayurveda,
which helped to address her own dosha imbalance. She discovered that by
simply balancing one’s dosha, amazing healing events could take place.
Throughout the years, she continued to learn more about this ancient art of
Ayurvedic healing.

At the age of 47, she met and married Gary Nadler, a local chiropractor.
Together they created the Verde Valley Wellness Center, where today she
operates and directs Detox Center services including Colon Hydrotherapy,
internal organ clearing thru Herbs and Body work and Panchakarma. She
created also AyurSatsang, which addresses spiritual aspects of Ayurveda.

One of her contribution to alternative healing world, she says is that she
combines Ayurveda with western cleansing modalities such as wheatgrass
and raw food Detox. She says when one cultivates spiritual awareness and development in one’s clearing, the benefits of physical clearing can be a
thousand-fold. Thus she created AyurSatsang to emphasize daily reminder
of who we are in our True Nature to share of her understanding thru her own
spiritual experiences.

She also has created a unique service, applying this knowledge of Ayurveda
into colon hydrotherapy treatments, helping to restore balance and vitality to
the colon.

For a unique and profound life change, please come and experience
The Michi Magic!

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