Dr David Ackerman

Dr. David Ackerman
Chiropractic Physician and Acupuncturist

Dr. David Ackerman is pleased to be on the
Sedona Wellness Retreats team of healing
practitioners. David was the clinic director of
Ackerman Healing Arts, Inc., one of Denver’s
largest chiropractic and acupuncture clinics,
from 1979 through 2003. Dr. Ackerman has
spent his entire adult life studying and applying
what he has learned from modern masters of
western and eastern healing. This began in
1973 when, as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, he took a four
day workshop with Dr. John Christopher, the herbalist who founded the
Nature’s Way line of herbal supplements. After the workshop, David had a
private appointment with Dr. Christopher during which Dr. Christopher accurately
told him what illnesses his mother had simply from “ reading” his eyes with
iridology. It made David a believer in natural methods, and he never looked back.
Thirty seven years later David remains passionate about being a pioneer on the
leading edge of alternative medicine, and providing those alternatives to his
patients. Some of the additional masters that have trained Dr. Ackerman include
Dr. George Goodheart, founder of Applied Kinesiology and originator of muscle
testing, Dr. John Pierrakos, founder of Core Energetics, Dolores Krieger,
founder of Therapeutic Touch, Dr. D. Versendaal, founder of Contact Reflex
Analysis, Dr. Scott Walker, founder of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), and
Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light.

David is a 1998 graduate of the four year Barbara Brennan School of
Healing. It was there that he re-dedicated himself to self-transformation in his personal life, adhering to the adage, “Physician heal thyself”.
In 1987 Dr. Ackerman was awarded “Best of Denver Chiropractor” by the
journal “Westword”.
In 1991 David studied in China as a member of a medical educational
exchange program for acupuncture. During that time he observed acupuncture anesthesia for three surgical procedures, medical Qi Gong, herbal and
acupuncture treatments at Chinese hospitals.
In 2002 David was invited to teach muscle testing at the American Holistic
Medical Association’s educational conference. He was the first chiropractor ever
to teach at the course leading to board certification in holistic medicine for M.D.’s
and D.O.’s.
In 2002 and 2003 David presented and was awarded for two original papers
on “Characterology and NET” at the annual Eagles conference. This new methodology is now utilized by NET practitioners worldwide. Dr. Ackerman’s philosophy is that when it comes to what your body requires to heal itself, there is no greater authority than your body itself. The Power that created
the body is the same Power that maintains and heals it. This intelligence that
runs the body can be communicated with through muscle testing. Dr. Ackerman
has an uncanny ability to muscle test in a gentle and objective manner.

Dr. Ackerman’s therapy of choice – the holistic healing method he is most passionate about is Neuro Emotional Technique (NET). NET utilizes muscle
testing to incorporate the best of chiropractic, Chinese medicine, acupressure, psychology, and homeopathy. David was among the first fifty doctors to be
certified in NET. When your body fails to let go of negatively charged emotions,
they can be triggered from the subconscious causing self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias, anxiety, and many chronic physical problems! Ever
felt butterflies in your stomach or a lump in your throat? Clearly, emotions
happen in our body, not just our brain. With NET Dr. Ackerman will find these
stuck emotions and assist you in releasing them from the body. After the
correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted off
their shoulders. To clear limiting subconscious “false beliefs” that sabotage your manifesting what you want for health, career and relationships, schedule a NET session during your retreat.

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